Say No to Bare Needles

It’s a well known fact, that fancy handmade needles add excitement and make you work much faster. But artisan needles will cost you a pretty penny. So, why not become an artisan yourself?

All you will need is a little craft glue, your needles and some large hole beads, which you, probably, already have in your swelling stash. 🙂 Match the beads with the needle size (you want it to sit snug), add a dab of glue, and push the bead all the way to the end. Wipe excess glue, let dry. Voila! Now your life is so much easier, and finding matching needles is a snap!

Disclaimer: big beads create extra weight at the end of your needle, which may affect your speed. So, before securing the bead with glue, please, try how comfortable your new, fancier needles would feel.

Glass, metal, bone, and wood beads all work and look great. However, beads could be used mostly for needles size 0-7 (1 mm – 4,5 mm). Bigger needles receive knitted/crocheted hats 🙂 (next tutorial).